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HGH is a very important part of our bodies make up. Growth Hormone plays a vital role in controlling your physical STRENGTH and YOUTH and it also helps decrease fat build up around your vital organs. Although HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is available naturally in our bodies the levels steadily decrease from the age of 20 yrs old, as the levels in our body become lower our bodies succumb to the signs and effects of ageing, our bodies become weaker, lose strength and often sexual desire. The good news is that by using HGH you can reverse this process by increasing the levels of human growth hormone within the body and it offers great benefits to both men and women alike.


When HGH levels start to decrease in men, usually after the age of 20 plus; the symptoms of ageing start to follow. Slowly but surely the loss of strength and fitness becomes apparent as does the gradual increase in body fat. Sexual libido and baldness are all attributed to lower levels of HGH in the male body.The lack of HGH also effects male facial area with wrinkles becoming deeper and bags around the eyes increasing and starting to sag.

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As a rule of thumb women tend to be much more aware of their appearance than men and the effects of lower levels of HGH within the female body can seriously affect a women’s confidence, just as in men the levels decrease after 20 plus and the effects of ageing ensue. The signs that the levels of HGH in women are decreasing usually starts in the facial area, the lips often become thinner and less sumptuous, the hair can become thinner and facial skin around the eyes and cheek areas start to sag as the skin becomes less hydrated and often much dryer. Lower levels of HGH in women also effects other body areas as the breast, bum and belly can become more flabby with increased fat levels and start to sag. The chest and neck area can often develop more wrinkles. All these negative things can be dealt with by using HGH supplements.

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Chinese HGH

Verifiable Chinese HGH

It may be no surprise to you that the Chinese HGH (Human Growth Hormone) market is a mine field. There are so many fake and copy products around now. Much of the HGH available on the open market today is low grade and contains bulking proteins and often even a 192AA sequence compound which can cause serious heath issues.

So how do you know when you choose to buy HGH that the product you receive will be good quality and achieve the desired effect? Simple, it must come from a reputable Original Manufacturer and have verifiable serial numbers on the packaging that you verify on the manufacturers website verification tool.

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Life Force Pharma, HGH UK. Our main aim is to research which HGH products are out there and form a good relationship with our suppliers. That way we can be totally transparent about the quality of the products we offer. The best indicator of quality is the blood serum test figure; we obtain cross referenced certificates for this on a regular basis for each human growth hormone product that we stock.